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For the best fit, we always recommend measuring the back length of your dog. The weight is listed on our sizing chart as a general reference, but since even dogs of the same breed are often shaped differently, the most accurate measurement is the back length. This is especially important when measuring for Pajamas. You need to ensure the pajamas are able to comfortably stretch to reach their back legs.

You can find our sizing charts HERE.

Just like humans, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. We strongly suggest measuring their back length to find their size, especially for pajamas so it stretches comfortably to their back legs.

If they have a thicker chest, use the chest girth measurement, but be prepared for a slightly longer fit. If it’s something stretchy like a sweater, you can afford to go one size down to fit better along the back.

For longer dogs such as Dachshunds, we also suggest using the chest girth measurement. If you fit the back length, the apparel will end up being too baggy and sagging onto the floor. Unfortunately in this case, you would have to forgo covering the entire back.

When fitting the bodyguard, use the front leg length measurement to find your best fit. Our bodyguards stretch to fit various body sizes, and the straps allow for more room, so the fitting of the leg is the most important.

If you find that the socks are sliding off, we suggest pulling the strap downwards while wrapping it, like the image below. For the most secure fit, secure velcro as follows:

For day to day care, we suggest wiping soiled areas with a damp cloth. To clean apparel, we recommend hand washing and laying flat to dry. Be sure to remove fur trimmed hoods before washing, as it will compromise the look of the fur. PJs can be placed in the dryer, inside out, at a low temperature on the gentle cycle.

To clean Rubber Dipped Socks, wipe soiled areas with damp cloth or hand wash and gently squeeze excess water, then lay flat to dry. When placing them in the washer, remove Velcro straps and turn socks inside out. Do not place Rubber Dipped Socks in the dryer, as the heat may cause separation of the rubber from the sock.

Please return and exchange items to the retail outlet you had purchased them from, and they will assist you based off of their store’s return and exchange policy.

For items purchased off of the foufouBRANDS online store, please refer to our return & exchange policy HERE.

foufoudog™ specializes in smaller breed dogs, but carries apparel that can fit up to a French Bulldog! For larger dogs, we just haven’t received enough demand for it yet. If you would like to see foufoudog™ in larger sizes, we’d love to hear from you! Simply make the request on our contact form. We’re always listening to customer feedback!

You can find our contact form HERE.

Our Bodyguards currently have the largest size range, going all the way up to a Bernese Mountain Dog.


Our uniquely designed 2-in-1 toys feature a TPR Spiker toy surprise inside, after the outer casing is chewed up and removed! So you get a soft toy, and a rubber toy all in one, to extend the fun!

Our fouGUARD is a special nylon mesh lining inside the toy that prevents it from being too easily torn apart. It strengthens the toy from within, making the toy last longer. Look for the fouGUARD label on your toy to see if it’s extra tough!

Our Freeze ‘n Float collection is specifically designed so they can join in on pool parties or cool your dog on a hot day. They can even soothe puppy’s gums during teething.

The entire collection floats on water. To freeze, submerge the toy in water or under running water. Give it a few gentle squeezes to get rid of excess water, then throw in the freezer until frozen! It makes for a great crunchy treat on hot days, or a soothing chew for teething puppies.

Please take caution on flooring that is sensitive to water such as hardwood, as the melting of the toy may result in small wet spots.


Our Fou-Sticks are all natural, and contain only pet friendly ingredients. We know pets tend to lick and have anticipated consumption of this product, so we’ve made it safe to consume.

If a pet has consumed a large amount of the Fou-Stick, there is just a slight chance of irritation to the stomach due to an over-consumption of natural oils (kind of like if we were to eat a lot of greasy foods, our stomachs would feel a little sick). Just keep a close eye on your pet, and if they start to act differently or they have diarrhea that persists longer than a day, have your vet take a look.

Neem oil is a great natural insect repellant, but also as skin soother, as it is anti-inflammatory. According to the ASPCA Poison Control Center, neem oil is not deemed poisonous to dogs or cats. In addition, each Fou-Stick Soothe contains less than 1% neem oil, as per veterinary recommendation.

The date seen printed on the bottom of our Fou-Sticks is the manufacture date. Recommended shelf life of Fou-Sticks is 24 months, however the product is still effective and will still be good even after 24 months when kept in a cool, dry place as there are no sensitive, active ingredients in the product.


All of our Boucherie treats have ingredients sourced solely from Canada. They are also manufactured and packaged in Canada.

You will never find anything from China in any of our treats.


All of our Boucherie treats have ingredients sourced solely from Canada. They are also manufactured and packaged in Canada.

You will never find anything from China in any of our treats.


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